Our Wine


England’s premier grape variety. Dry white wine with elderflower on the nose and a crisp fruity mouthfeel. Will develop with age towards a Sauvignon Blanc like experience.

Do not overchill, allow to breathe



Dry rose with a depth of summer fruitiness that lingers on the palate. Matches well with a range of different food. Easy drinking and talkative, made for late summer evenings and sharing in the best of company.



Another hybrid white wine grape suited to cool climates, a consistent producer in the vineyard, bottled with some residual sugar to balance its natural crispness. Medium white wine.


Early ripening hybrid grape variety suited to England’s cool climate viticulture. Naturally high berry sugar levels. A tropical, floral aroma that continues in the mouth, notes of peach, pear. Well balanced and flavourful.

Sparkling Wine – Pinot Noir Rose

Light pink in colour with a smooth creamy feel, notes of red berry fruit with higher acidity levels make this a well balanced classic Sparkling English Wine.